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New theme "Urban Sunrise" deployed for testing

#16113 (ツ) johnfound
Created 05.05.2020, read: 4275 times

The new theme "Urban Sunrise" is deployed for testing. 🙋 😊

It has the following new features:

  1. It uses more JS. But still keeps the forum working fine with JS disabled (without the chat - it really requires JS).

  2. The posts now support source block syntax highlighting. (JS required):

  3.         cmp     eax, [.requestID]
            jne     .mx_disabled
            xor     edx, edx
            mov     dx, [esi+FCGI_Header.contentLength]
            xchg    dl, dh
  4. Advanced post editors have been implemented both for the new posts and for the post editing - with embedded help pages for the formatting.

  5. With "Urban Sunrize", both - the posts and chat messages support Unicode emoji symbols. Emoji picker has been implemented in the post editor and the chat.

  6. The theme is (almost) responsive and should work both for mobile 📳 and desktop 🖥 browsers. But it was only slightly tested on mobile devices. Any additional tests and notes are welcome.

  7. The chat supports multi-line messages. The multi-line chat messages are formatted with monospaced font, so posting source code and ascii art is possible.

Please, report your opinions about this new theme. Bug reports, suggestions and improvements are highly desirable. 🏆

#16115 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Created 06.05.2020, read: 4249 times

Amazing update, thanks johnfound! Best 👍 👍

#16190 (ツ) Jeff
Created 02.10.2020, read: 3677 times

Your themes and overall front end coding need work. here's a lsit of things i found just looking at the source.

1.Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio. use-

2.Mobile problems- Not all page resources could be loaded on first load. This can affect how Google sees and understands your pages. Must be a robots.txt blocking search engines?

3. I found scripting in header tag- (another blocking source)

4. The use of h tags is total wrong, in web develeopment professional circles- h1 defines the page title and h2 the start of a section of the page, then h3 and so on. Missing H2 tag in your web page is bad for search engine rankings and it also fails to present the user with a hierarchical structure. H2 is the second most important heading element. H3 is the third most important heading element. It isn't mandatory to have it in your content,

5.There's excessive classes and divs for nothing.

6. html and css css validators have excessive problems- see-

7. The form elements that don't have associated labels. etc....

New theme "Urban Sunrise" deployed for testing

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