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Asmbb professionals needed for forum

#16268 (ツ) Jeff
Created 31.05.2022, read: 479 times

I need a developer to help with a asmb forum.

Let me know your rates. thanks Jeff

#16269 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Created 04.06.2022, read: 462 times

What do you need? new features or theming?

#16270 (ツ) Jeff
Created 06.06.2022, read: 452 times

I need front end changes (logo) and some backend changes. I do have some ideas on features but a private chat with a developer is needed. Jeff

#16273 (ツ) Jeff
Created 07.06.2022, read: 444 times

Do you have some contact information or website?

#16274 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Created 10.06.2022, read: 433 times

You can reach m on Twitter with my username

Asmbb professionals needed for forum

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