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#15916 (ツ) macadoum
Created 13.07.2019, read: 2945 times


I think it should be nice to have the opportunity to create topic link à la Reddit/Hacker News. A user can submit a link by creating a new thread and just enter an URL in the Title field and add (or not) a comment/Tag in the Post Content/Tags fields. The new thread appears in the thread list and others users can comment the topic link as in an usual topic.

Admins can decide to allow this feature or not.

What do you think ?

#15917 (ツ) johnfound
Created 14.07.2019, read: 2935 times

Hm, the idea is interesting and can be implemented relatively easy. I will make it once I have some free time.

#15946 (ツ) nasimnzp
Last edited: 26.08.2019 by nasimnzp, read: 2809 times

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