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Test to insert an image

#16391 (ツ) six_L
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I have not the following interface.

os: unicode


aTable_1 proc uses rdi pTable:QWORD
	mov	rdi, pTable
	xor	rcx, rcx
		mov	al,cl
		add	al,30h
		xor	rdx,rdx
			mov	ah,dl
			add	ah,30h
			inc	rdx
		.until rdx==10
		inc	rcx
	.Until rcx==10

aTable_1 endp

Screenshot of the problem Screenshot of the problem

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#16392 (ツ) six_L
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Capture USA

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#16393 (ツ) six_L
Created 14.04.2024, read: 298 times

Check whether is the number a magic number.

ChkMagicNumber proc uses rbx n:QWORD
	Local sum:QWORD

	mov	rax,n
	mov	sum,0
	mov	rcx,cccccccccccccccdh   ; 8*(1/10)
	.while (rax > 0) || (sum > 9)
		.if	rax == 0
			mov	rax,sum
			mov	sum,0
		mov	rbx,rax		; save original
		xor	rdx,rdx
		mul	rcx		; num * 8*(1/10) magic number. 
		shr	rdx,3		; /8, magic number fixup
		mov	rax,rdx		; quotient 
		lea	rdx,[rdx*4+rdx]	; *5
		lea	rdx,[rdx+rdx]	; *2,here rdx=10*rdx
		sub	rbx,rdx		; remainder = original-rdx
		mov	r8,sum
		add	r8,rbx
		mov	sum,r8
	mov	rax,sum	; rax = 1, n is a magic number.

ChkMagicNumber endp
#16394 (ツ) JosephStalin
Created 15.04.2024, read: 275 times


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#16395 (ツ) six_L
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the photograph has been rarely seen.

They were the founder,improver,practitioner of the best political system of humanity. My pic

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Test to insert an image

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