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Running in a subdirectory

#15770 (ツ) earthendev
Last edited: 27.02.2019 by earthendev, read: 3345 times

I just tested out the forum with nginx in a subdirectory of my server (because I don't have a subdomain available right now) and I noticed this doesn't work correctly. The form target for the admin registration for is set to


for example, which results in a 404 for me (it should be


for me). Support for this would be pretty easy to add I think (just add an additional config option and associated template variable) and it would be a common use case IMO. What do you think?

#15771 (ツ) johnfound
Created 28.02.2019, read: 3336 times

Well, AsmBB is designed to work in a subdomain. I have never tried to run it in a subdirectory. The path for the templates is the easiest part. Actually in order to run it in a subdirectory will need an additional prefix to be added to every URI in the engine, which might be not so easy to be done.

When I have time I will research this issue in depth.

Running in a subdirectory

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