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How to install AsmBB on VPS with Nginx and systemd

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#16285 (ツ) zer0.
Last edited: 06.09.2022 by zer0., read: 1538 times

Anyone got this output when trying to host over Nginx ?

html output:


html source output:


a href="/!users_online" 

Nginx working, asmbb running.

#16291 (ツ) luhf
Created 19.10.2022, read: 1371 times

Hi, I'm trying to install with Docker, since it is not fully support systemd, can we use it with supervisord ? Any tutorial setting would be appreciated rofl

And with Docker when I run./engine to test, the CPU usage increase and it still failed to access the board in webbrowser (setting in nginx conf is done as the guide)

There is almost no point installing this in docker, you would just use more resources than it actually need. If you are using nginx under docker just pass the engine sock to the nginx container!

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How to install AsmBB on VPS with Nginx and systemd

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