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#15148 (ツ) fruitbooploops
Created 27.08.2016, read: 5875 times

dank memes XD

#15150 (ツ) johnfound
Created 28.08.2016, read: 5669 times

Interesting from where is all this traffic on my forum?

Only for 27.08.2016 I have 3000 guests on the board, but there is no referrer site in the logs. :)

#15151 (ツ) nobody
Created 29.08.2016, read: 5615 times

I was referred from HN:

#15152 (ツ) johnfound
Created 29.08.2016, read: 5610 times

Welcome nobody. Good avatar!


I was referred from HN:

Thanks. I actually found it. But it is not only HN. The most traffic comes from Twitter - there are 20..30 simultaneous tweets about AsmBB.

The bad news is that all these people links to the fossil repository (plain CGI) that is not so well scalable as AsmBB. But nothing fatal so far. ;)

On the other hand, some increased attention to the source code is also great. :)

#15153 (ツ) ng-Coder
Created 29.08.2016, read: 5585 times

\#AsmBB wink

\#interestingMeme wink

#15179 (ツ) admin
Created 27.12.2016, read: 5337 times

Test the new "goto first unread" feature.


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