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It is not released as a binary package, but the latest update of the AsmBB engine is running now here and contains one important update.

The server-site-events, used for the real-time chat, was separated as a service. This change allows much faster and resource friendly handling of very big amount of SSE connections and this way opens an options to be used in all pages of the forum, not only in the chat.

If someone wants to update to the latest version of the engine, without creating new database, two more tables must to be created in the database. Execute the following SQL in the SQLite console:

create table EventSessions ( session text unique not null, time integer, username text, original text, status integer ); create index idxEventSessionsTime on EventSessions(time); create index idxEventSessionsOrig on EventSessions(original); create table EventQueue ( id integer primary key autoincrement, type integer, event text, receiver text -- the sessionID of the receiver. If NULL then broadcast to all subscribed. );

After the update, the table ChatUsers becomes obsolete and can be dropped:

drop table ChatUsers;
AsmBB v2.7 (check-in: b1b34acbf71dada0); SQLite v3.30.0 (check-in: c20a353364320254);

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