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Isues with fossil, when get try to install

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Hi Im newbie working with this stuff and got this bug, anyone have recommendation or clue, many thanks

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I assume you read the tutorial on

You need to replace %path_to_repositories% with the directory/folder path in your system

cd /home/nitro/web

Then you current directory is /home/nitro/web

fossil clone ./asmbb.fossil

Then you see asmbb.fossil file in /home/nitro/web

mkdir asmbb
cd asmbb

You may need to delete all file in this directory if /home/nitro/web/asmbb is not empty (with this cmd rm -rf /home/nitro/web/asmbb : PLEASE CAREFULL, DO NOT DELETE ALL YOU SYSTEM )

You're in /home/nitro/web/asmbb so the asmbb.fossil is at this path ../asmbb.fossil

fossil open ../asmbb.fossil
fossil update

Isues with fossil, when get try to install

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