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Few suggestions that I'm working on my side RSS

Hi I'm slowly working on the following suggestions and I thought it would be a good ideas to share it here.

I will update the thread with my progress over times.

Blockstack is a special ecosystem for web3.0. I like their ideas, goals and I'm using their auth system for lot's of services.

Blockstack Auth and Gaia Storage by blockstack


here an example of how they did their integration on discourse



Gaia storage


CovenantSQL or another decentralized database or compatibility with .ssb protocol would be pretty cool to have aswell

it would open possibility a lot.



Integrating Matrix clients API for the chat, so it can easily be bridged, encrypted and decentralized.

matrix.org. There is currently various way to implement it. I would suggest you to acknowledge the protocol if you don't know it yet.


other than that I'm working on some apparmor, firejail, bubblewrap scripts and profiles to provide even more security to

my current setup, once it's stable i will uplaud those on my git


Suggestions from my board members ;

Media link embedding detection or tags for youtube, soundcloud , invidios , vimeo and other popular platform.


Suggestions from my board members ; Media link embedding detection or tags for youtube, soundcloud , invidios , vimeo and other popular platform.

Well, the MiniMag markup can embed audio and video files with [$URL][DESRIPTION] kind of links. Like in this or this posts.

But yes, there is no special tags for the social networks.

Actually I though about such tags, but didn't implement them mainly because they use iframe objects and I am not very sure how the privacy and security of the forum will be affected.

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