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Compile sqlite with HAVE_USLEEP=1

#16218 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Last edited: 18.02.2021 by ganuonglachanh , read: 1827 times

We should compile sqlite with HAVE_USLEEP=1 You may read more detail here:


If the HAVE_USLEEP option is true, then the default unix VFS uses the usleep() system call to implement the xSleep method. If this option is undefined or false, then xSleep on unix is implemented using sleep() which means that sqlite3_sleep() will have a minimum wait interval of 1000 milliseconds regardless of its argument.

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#16229 (ツ) johnfound
Created 19.01.2022, read: 982 times

Interesting. Will change the SQLite building script in order to explicitly specify this option.

Compile sqlite with HAVE_USLEEP=1

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