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Possible chat issues. [resolved]

#15353 (ツ) johnfound
Created 29.09.2017, read: 4757 times

My hosting provider recently updated the Apache server and switched to HTTP2. In this process they have broke the SSE support and now can't configure it properly :D.

This way, temporarily (I hope) the chat will not work, fully or partially. Sorry. :(

#15354 (ツ) johnfound
Created 29.09.2017, read: 4748 times

I was able to activate the chat by forcing firefox to use HTTP1.1 in about:config

 network.http.spdy.enabled = false
 network.http.spdy.enabled.http2 = false

Of course this is ugly hack. Strange how apache buffers can not be disabled for HTTP2. But not buffering is a must for SSE.

#15362 (ツ) johnfound
Created 12.01.2018, read: 3999 times

BTW, if someone can help with the information about the problem, please, don't hesitate to post here. :)

Here is a link to my bug report to the mod_h2 project with description and test case:

#15363 (ツ) johnfound
Created 26.01.2018, read: 3925 times

Well, at the end all problems with the chat and my hosting provider are resolved. By changing the provider. :D

From today, the whole domain is hosted on a small vps, with Nginx web server. This way, all SSE problems are solved. Goodby outdated, buggy Apache. In addition, this change will allow more testing of AsmBB in different environment. One bug related to the different web server is already fixed.

So, enjoy the higher speed and working chat again. :)

Possible chat issues. [resolved]

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