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how can i delete categories ?

how can i delete categories ?

Use the SQLite console. There are several ways, depending of what actually you want:

I. If you don't need the tag, simply delete it: delete from tags where tag='TAGNAME';

II. Or if you want to keep the tag, you can


Set it's importance < 0 (this will hide the tag from the tag list as well, but it still can be used for threads): update tags set Importance = -1 where tag = 'TAGNAME';

2: Set its description to NULL (will remove it from the categories, but will be visible in the tag list): update tags set Description = NULL where tag = 'TAGNAME';

AsmBB v2.4 (check-in: 7bb3292ed42db7ca); SQLite v3.25.3 (check-in: 89e099fbe5e13c33);

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