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Bug in render thread: showthread.asm

#16282 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Created 24.07.2022, read: 978 times

Hi johnfound

There's a bug in render the page in showthread.asm with post_view.tpl:

The final render result will overwrite 1 byte (?) in post_view.tpl

To check, if you edit the post_view.tpl and has the last content is </div> (no space or \r \n at the end) then in the render will result "</div" (missing last char is ">" )

I think the bug is in RenderTemplate but not carefull checked, currently fix is add some spaces at the end of post_view.tpl (and may be every tpl file)

Bug in render thread: showthread.asm

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