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Beginner Questions about AsmBB architect

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Hi johnfound

I'm learning AsmBB source and ASM. So I have got some basic/stupid questions and hope you don't mind to answer them :-)

1. What is the pros vs cons of 32bit ASM (which AsmBB was built on) vs 64bit ASM?

a) With 32bit ASM, AsmBB can't use more than 3 (or maximum 4) GB RAM memory?

b) 1 engine process share the same memory space with the main engine? => may be 1 engine process never use up to 3 GB memory but when under workload (let's say before the DDOS patch), total engines memory usage will be limit to 3 GB ?

c) AsmBB use sqlite 32bit, does it limit the database file size of sqilite? or only limit the data size of 1 post content, total count of post?

d) Is 64bit AsmBB run faster than 32bit?

2. Can we mass convert to 64bit by some tools? may be 70% work then 30% re-correct by hand?

3. A > 4GB VPS doesn't have any benefit for AsmBB ?

4. A multi core VPS have any benefit?

Thank you!

Beginner Questions about AsmBB architect

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