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How to disable UserAgent requirement on login?

#16262 (ツ) MrMister
Created 07.05.2022, read: 958 times

Hi, I noticed that for logging into AsmBB requires that a browser UserAgent must be set.

Apparently any will do, but it still requires extra for those who choose not to have one set (for example the browser Webbrowser/Werefox does not set one by default, as AFAIK they were originally intended for debugging but have become a tool of tracking).

If one is not set, then this error is given:

Empty field!
So many fields,
you have to fill.
Missed some.

In XUL-based browsers such as Werefox this requires setting, for example, in about:config to "PLEASE STOP BLOCKING BROWSERS." (a common UA used in protest of UA requirements).

Like with the email requirement, is there a way to disable this?

Thank you.

#16264 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Created 10.05.2022, read: 941 times

I found the code for UserAgent check is in accounts.asm

How to disable UserAgent requirement on login?

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