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Email handling and registration without valid email.

#15143 (ツ) johnfound
Created 28.05.2016, read: 11967 times

Hi. Recently I noticed, that some visitors try to register accounts using not existing emails.

In order to evaluate AsmBB functionality, it is better to have registered account, because most of the forum features are accessible only for logged in users.

So, I wrote this post in order to provide the visitors with some information about email handling in AsmBB and some workaround for the users that want to test the engine but don't want to share their email addresses.

Email handling rules.

Here are the rules about emails, that AsmBB uses in order to not spam its users:

1. There are 2 cases AsmBB sends emails: For account activation and when the user changes his email address.

2. All emails are sent only once. If for some reason the email can't be send, no other attempt will be made.

3. The emails are private information and will not be displayed anywhere in AsmBB pages or shared with third parties. (So, I will not sell the users email addresses to the spammers!)

Registration without email

But if you want to register account without having your email in the database, it is possible and there are 2 variants:

Use disposable email address

There are sites in Internet that can provide you with disposable email address. The first two suggestions from Google are: and, but there are many.

So, simply use such address and forget about it after the account activation.

Manual account activation (slow)

This procedure is the only option if you used valid email, but the forum mail server can't send the notification email because of some technical reasons - for example spam filters, bad routers, etc.

1. Register the forum account using some invalid email address.

2. Send an email to the admin on admin at board dot asm32 dot info with free text request for account activation. Don't forget to mention the username or the fake email you used during registration.

3. When I am online and read your email (sometimes after few days) I will activate your forum account and will send notification email back.

This way you will be able to evaluate AsmBB functionality (which is much higher for the logged in users) without need to share your priceless email.

#15359 (ツ) johnfound
Created 10.01.2018, read: 7858 times

Experimentally I switched off the email confirmation emails. Now the registration is possible with fake emails.

If the bot activities are higher than acceptable I will switch it back on.

Enjoy. :-)

#15417 (ツ) johnfound
Created 23.03.2018, read: 7226 times

Well, having bots spamming is good for testing AsmBB with bigger database, but the quality of these posts is really very low... :(

That is why I am re-enabling the e-mail notification for the new registrations.

Read the first post if you want to register and test the full features of AsmBB without providing your real email.

On any problems with the registration you can report on the /!chat, which is accessible without account.

Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy. ;-)

#15742 (ツ) logicfish
Created 23.01.2019, read: 5745 times

I've just registered using gmail and the activation email was in spam.

#15743 (ツ) johnfound
Created 23.01.2019, read: 5741 times

I've just registered using gmail and the activation email was in spam.

Strange. AFAIK, this domain is not listed in any blacklists. It was, because of some old spammer on the same IP, but I successfully unlisted is several years ago.

Anyway, thanks for the annotation. I will double check it again.


Email handling and registration without valid email.

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