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AsmBB v2.3 has been released

AsmBB v2.3 has been released

1 What's new:

This is mainly fine-tuning and maintenance release, but two serious bugs have been fixed as well. Here is the change list:

  • Several serious regressions were fixed.
  • The skins were reworked in order to provide more accessibility. Particularly all background images were replaced with <img> tags with respective "alt" texts. Now even with images switched off, the forum can be used flawlessly.
  • Some skin design issues have been fixed as well.
  • The JS code for the chat has been cleaned up and accelerated a little.

    2 Details about downloading and installing:

    Download binary release and install on shared hosting

    How to install asmbb on VPS with nginx and systemd.

    3 The source code:

    AsmBB source code repository.

    Learning AsmBB source - source code explained.

  • AsmBB v2.4 (check-in: 7bb3292ed42db7ca); SQLite v3.25.3 (check-in: 89e099fbe5e13c33);

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