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AsmBB v2.9 has been released.

#16155 (ツ) johnfound
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The source and binary releases v2.9 are available for clone and download.

The official v2.9 of AsmBB has been released.

Here is a link to the release commits in the repository:

The important changes

  • One new responsive theme has been created, named "Urban Sunrise".

    1. This is an attempt to really improve the forum appearance. ( feedback is welcome ).

    2. Also, this theme contains really improved post editors with embedded extended help for the post formatting.

    3. In addition it supports Unicode Emoji characters in really native way, both in the post editor and the real-time chat: 😃 🤖 🏆 🥇

    4. "Urban Sunrise" supports source code syntax highlighting (through the JS library).

    5. The real-time chat now accepts multi-row posts, including source code.

  • Of course, all reported bugs has been fixed as well, both in AsmBB engine and in FreshLib library.

What is AsmBB?

AsmBB is very fast and lightweight web forum engine. (You are reading this article on AsmBB demo forum).

AsmBB is fully written in assembly language and uses SQLite as a database back-end. That is why it can work on really weak hosting and in the same time serve huge amount of visitors without lags and delays.

AsmBB is very secure web application, because of the internal design and the reduced dependencies. But it also supports encrypted databases, for even higher security.

In addition, AsmBB has very few requirements to the running environment:

  • x86 Linux server.

  • No matter 32 or 64bit. No need to have any specially preinstalled libraries.

  • The smallest/cheapest VPS is fine. Shared hosting is fine as well (if supports FastCGI).

  • A web server supporting FastCGI interface. AsmBB has been tested with Nginx, Apache, Lighttpd, Hiawatha and of course RWASA.

AsmBB is easy for customizing and modifying - it uses pretty powerful template system that allows easy customizing of the forum without actually modifying the code. (which is not so hard though).

Download, install and hack

Download the binary package directly: asmbb.tar.gz (this link always points to the latest version of the binary package).

Follow the progress, report bugs and clone the source: AsmBB source repository

Install on your own server and have the fastest forum ever: Tutorial about installation with NGINX and systemd

Install for less than 2 minutes with RWASA: Video tutorial (on YouTube as well)

#16156 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Created 29.05.2020, read: 23047 times

It’s a cool update that make AsmBB more modern and 4.0 ;-)

Thanks a lot johnfound!

👏 👏

#16168 (ツ) johnfound
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I have updated the binary package of AsmBB (b48eed00bbf34e87) in order to provide precompiled binary with the latest version of FreshLib.

It fixes a nasty bug that rarely crashes the engine on some invalid BBCode.

The update can be made by replacing engine executable file with the one provided in the latest binary package, or by recompilation of the project with the latest FreshLibDev branch of FreshLib.

#16175 (ツ) ganuonglachanh
Created 02.09.2020, read: 19818 times

Glad to see your new update :-)

#16211 (ツ) amoschenko
Created 03.02.2021, read: 18147 times

It would be great if you correct the message "it can work on really weak hostin and"?

#16265 (ツ) ashan
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#16266 (ツ) ashan
Created 20.05.2022, read: 8145 times

It would be great if you correct the message "it can work on really weak hostin and"?

second test

AsmBB v2.9 has been released.

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