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AsmBB v2.3 has been released

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AsmBB v2.3 has been released

What's new:

This is mainly fine-tuning and maintenance release, but two serious bugs have been fixed as well. Here is the change list:

Several serious regressions were fixed.

The skins were reworked in order to provide more accessibility. Particularly all background images were replaced with <img> tags with respective "alt" texts. Now even with images switched off, the forum can be used flawlessly.

Some skin design issues have been fixed as well.

The JS code for the chat has been cleaned up and accelerated a little.

Details about downloading and installing:

Download binary release and install on shared hosting

How to install asmbb on VPS with nginx and systemd.

The source code:

AsmBB source code repository.

Learning AsmBB source - source code explained.

AsmBB v2.3 has been released

AsmBB v3.0 (check-in: a316dab8b98d07d9); SQLite v3.42.0 (check-in: 831d0fb2836b71c9);
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