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The latest update of this forum RSS

The engine has been updated

This update is important, because it is based on the experimental bbcode branch that introduces a second markup language - BBCode.

Now two markups are available for formatting messages. This feature has been introduced mainly for easy migrating from the other forum engines, where BBCode is de facto standard.

So, now should be pretty easy to implement message board migrating scripts. At least from the post formatting point of view.

As a result of the double markup support, it is not convenient to keep the posts in pre-rendered form in the database. So, this feature has been removed and now all posts are rendered in real time.

In theory the real time rendering should slow down the engine a little, but this slow down is insignificant for the overall performance.

If everything is fine with the engine, here on the demo forum, I will release it officially. The only question is what to be the version number?

Should it be versioned as the next v2.5 or v3.0 because of the major changes in the architecture?

What you think?

2.5 for me.And i m impatient to convert from vbulletin if there is a script.Keep up the good job .


2.5 for me.And i m impatient to convert from vbulletin if there is a script.Keep up the good job .

Right now I am working on migration scripts for converting phpbb (because of the FASM forum). Once the scripts are ready, the adaptation of them for another forum engine should be not so hard IMHO.

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